Wheat and Cereal Grains



L-214 – Continues to be a top yielding variety as it has been since we started raising it. It performed well in 2019 despite the wet growing conditions and the potential for head scab.

L-434This new variety offers and attractive look in the field along with an excellent disease resistance package. Yields and test weight are excellent.

H-32 – This high yielding variety is Scab resistant along with a tolerance to other common diseases. It’s an attractive variety in the field and delivers excellent test weight.


Variety Highlights

  • Excellent tolerance to current strains of stripe rust
  • Metribuzin (Sencor) tolerance
  • Outstanding tolerance to head scab and powdery mildew
  • Great standability and easy harvest
Agronomic Features
Head Type Tip Awned
Plant Maturity Medium-Early
Plant Height (inches) 35
Straw Strength Exceptional


Variety Highlights

  • Very early maturity
  • Excellent scab tolerance
  • Excellent standability
Agronomic Features
Head Type Tip Awned
Plant Maturity Early
Plant Height (inches) 38
Straw Strength Very Good


Variety Highlights

  • Scab resistant
  • Excellent test weight
  • Outstanding disease package
Agronomic Features
Head Type Smooth
Plant Maturity Medium
Plant Height (inches) 35
Straw Strength Excellent

We recommend planting more than one Variety of Wheat, and follow these guidelines for a successful Wheat crop:

  • Start with High Quality Seed from Hiser Seeds!
  • Apply 20-30 lbs. of Nitrogen at planting
  • Plant from 1.2 to 1.6 million seeds per acre
  • Plant from ¾ to 1.5 inches deep
  • Plant within 10 days after the Hessian Fly Free date for your county
  • Apply fungicides, insecticides when needed and control weeds
  • Apply Nitrogen in the spring

We continue to plant all our Wheat in 15” rows and have been very pleased with the results. If you are thinking about 15” wheat we can help you with Variety selection and seeding rates.

Barley & Cereal Rye

We will have Barley and Cereal Rye available this fall, but our supply will be limited so please call us with your order as early as you can. Spelt and Triticale will also be available.

Hiser Seeds

2311 Mile Tree Rd. Clarksburg, OH 43115


Tom Ramsey 740-253-1551 – Greg Ramsey 740-253-2876

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